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Personal training

I am a highly motivated trainer that is able to get clients excited to work hard. I design a specific personalized program just for you! My personalizes programs. Are made in stages according to your goals needs and wants and you're abilities that will dictate what stage you will begin! My food program is also designed specifically for you, in stages according to your wants needs caliber fat test and measurements the food program will have the calorie count specifically for your body type whether you are a 1) ectomorph. 2) mesomorph 3) endomorph. My workout programs consist of weight training; calisthenics agility all specifically designed for your body type which will in turn bring you immediate results which I guarantee 100% if you follow everything I put in your programs I will design for you. I am excited to get you started call today

Group training

I offer group training classes that are exciting, energized, fun, explosive workout program everyone loves

Nutritional counseling

Individualized food programs made according to your life style goals, needs, wants

Competition training

12 to 16-week completion programs diet training poising bikini figure competitors

In home training

I will come to your home and bring my high energy motivating exciting programs to get you up and motivating and feeling energized and confident take a look at my clients before and after pictures that tells it all

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